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Fired property management company, should I rescreeen

I have rented my property out for 1 year through a property management company and just recently dropped them for not meeting my expectations.  They pulled credit reports and background checks when the current tenants applied.  Should I do anything or just sign a new lease?  At least have them fill out a new application without an in depth screening?

I did the same thing, I let go of On Q Property Management. However, I didn't re-screen the tenant because she had always paid on time and I had no issues with her so I didn't feel the need to run a new background check (since she had proven to be a good, quality tenant).
Ok, that's exactly what I was going to do!  Thanks for the reply.
I would send a letter letting them know of the changes made, and your requirements. If they approved these tenants then their screening results are probably sufficient. So i would ask the tenants to fill in an application just so you have information on hand for your files.
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