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Red flags?

I have a new tenant that I’ve signed a lease with. She will move into the house in a couple weeks. She has paid the first months rent, etc.  We are setting up rent payments to go through the bank with quick pay. I text her tonight and asked for the email she would like to use and she informs be she is switching banks and will have a new one by next week and will give me the info then, she also wanted to know if bi-weekly payments would be ok instead of first in the month (which was in the lease and signed by her already).  Maybe I’m overthinking this, but that raises two red flags with I overreacting? I’m fairly new to this and still learning. Thanks

I think that just means she is trying to find a way to make sure she pays you on time. She could also be creating a new email so that it is set for only rent payments. I wouldn't over-think it especially if you have properly screened the tenant.
I'd be patient.  Probably nothing untoward.
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