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Room Mate Background Check

Have a current tenant who has rented apt. for a year.  Very reliable, trustworthy, timely with rent.  They have advised the request to have a room mate who would split the monthly rent.  I did the background check and they did not fare well!  What is the best way for me to handle this situation??

If the current tenant is trustworthy you may allow the roommate. I would definitely talk to the current tenant and let them know the roommate does not qualify to rent, but you will allow it as long as rent is paid on time.
Okay, thanks for the input!   We were considering that maybe the current tenant continues to pay the rent and the roommate pays the tenant their share.  ~ Sonny
Consider the following.....good tenant decides to move so called bad tenant wants to stay and refuses to move. I would research or talk to a lawyer what your options would be.
Thanks for the input Stan, I thought the same thing!
I always consider what it is on the background check. If they got arrested for marijuana 10 years ago once when they were 18, and that was the end of it, I would not find that unacceptable.  Anything recent is not ok with me.  The last thing I need is someone living in my property that can't obey the law.  Especially if it's any violent crimes/drugs.  Not worth the risk to me.
I have a worthy possible tenant that can afford monthly rent, however, they want a relative to live with them who is 18 years old and has no credit. How do I word the lease agreement so I am renting only to the worthy applicant. If they move the relative must move.  Would they just be an occupant and not on the lease at all?
You should positively ID and check out every resident without fail.    I had a "fiance" who moved in with a lady, and refused to provide info and refused to move out.    The SWAT team moved him out one evening after a no-knock raid.   He was a convicted felony of a crime of violence.
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