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Any way to know who's a bad tenant?

There's a way to know or certain behavior that can tell who's a bad tenant? I have been looking that for days and I only get some info for a website called  Although I also ask in other forums and search for some blogs articles, nothing's clear. You guys know some bevahior that can let us know when someone will scam us or something?  I'm a 1st-time Landlord, so I'm kinda scared about all this.

I use this website to run a credit and criminal back ground checks.  You can get information on at least their last two places and call to see if they were good tenants.  Just the last one isn't the greatest if they are still living there the landlord could want to get rid of them.  Have they had steady employment?  Do they make three times the rent?
These are some signs of bad tenants- 1. Late payments in a row. 2. Refusing access in the home for a regular home inspection. 3. Complaining about the property and finding excuses to withhold the rent. 4. Disturbing behavior towards the neighbor. 5. Violating a code. To know more about code violation, visit Compliance Connections:
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