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Leasing to applicants with no established credit

I have a situation where 2 people are trying to rent together. One has fine credit and is worthy. The other is 18 years old and has a job but no credit at all. Renter number one can afford the full rent. Renter number two would not qualify at all.  How do I word the lease to hold renter #1 solely responsible. Can I list renter #2 as an occupant only?

Hello and welcome,  It all depends on how you want the rent checks to be received.  My suggestion; Renter #1 is held responsible for rent.   Matthew
The lease should have this it it: JOINT AND SEVERAL LIABILITY: The tenant understands and agrees that if there is more than one Tenant that has signed the Lease Agreement, each Tenant is individually and completely responsible for all obligations under the terms of the Lease Agreement.               Both parties are held 100% responsible
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