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SSN is masked on the application

My prospective tenant filled up online free application, put SSN, but I can only see the last four digits. That is not what I expected. How can I view his full SSN?

Send him an email requesting it.
Just realize there are legal obligations to your having this full SSN.  That's why this system blocks it.  You have to have his signature on file giving you permission to check his credit/background,  and you have to keep the SSN under lock and key for five years whether you end up renting to him or not.
Sorry, no. There are no such laws. If I'm wrong, please post the name of the law you are referring to along with a google link Mr. P. I've been renting for 25 years in both Chicago and Milwaukee and neither I ever heard this nor has my lawyer ever mentioned it when we discussed applications. If you're careless with the info and some bad guy gets the info, then you might get into trouble if it's traced back to't be careless. As for me, the application, lease and a photocopy of their DL (front & back) sit in a manila envelope in a desk file drawer. Additionally, I take a pic of their DL and keep it on my phone at lease signing. That way, should I have to have them served by the sheriff, I fill out the paperwork and show the clerk a clear pic on my phone. When/if they move out, I transfer the papers and pic onto a CD then shred and delete.
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