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Do I have to rent to first qualified applicant?

Backstory (question at the bottom): Our home was advertised as a rental in an email blast to medical residents moving to our town of Albany Oregon. We have not advertised elsewhere.   We are currently taking applications. Someone told me that you must rent to the first qualified applicant because otherwise if those who were also qualified but not chosen could come after you for discrimination.   What we would like to do is keep our advertisement up for the medical residents. Show the house to the handful of applicants interested (they have all requested a viewing) and then by the 5th of next month make our decision of which qualified applicant we would like to rent to. Obviously race, sexual orientation, age, etc would not play a part in that decision. We more so are looking for someone who would fit well within the neighborhood family and seem as if they'd take care of the home.  Are we allowed to rent to any qualified applicant that applies of our choice or must we truly operate on first come first serve?? Also am I allowed to tell all of the applicants we are taking applications currently and will decide in XXX weeks??
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Hello. You can rent to anyone you want no matter what order their application comes in. Telling interested applicants that a decision will be made in XXX weeks is perfectly legal. Good Luck!
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