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I live in Ohio and do not wish to rent to Sextion 8 tenants. Can I legally refuse?

The Fair Housing Act primarily outlines the rules regarding the Section 8 program and its participants. The Act states that single-family homes, apartments, condominiums and a variety of other properties are available through the program. It also states that vouchers are not usable for housing that is:  Rented or sold by brokers. Owned or operated by private organizations, such as clubs. Occupied by the owner (buildings with more than four units). The Act also requires that Section 8 participants receive equal treatment from landlords. It is illegal to deny a recipient housing based on his or her race, nationality, disability, religious beliefs or ethnicity. It is a requirement for landlords to provide all tenants with the same quality of housing, regardless of Section 8 status. Similar to landlords, mortgage lenders and other private financial institutions may not discriminate against Section 8 participants during the mortgage application process.
Enrolling in Section 8 housing programs is actually a time-consuming process, and not one that I think any state requires landlords to complete, unless they choose. You can see my experience here:
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