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Rental Applications and Screening

Hi, I have this couple that wants to rent my home for Transitional Living with bible meetings in Los Angeles county in the state of California.  They are an non-profit LLC. They are paying the rent for my home but now living there.  A counselor is going to be a resident manager and living in the house. In the beginning, I told them that I required a rental application for all adult occupants. I am requesting an application from the resident manager. Now, the couple thinks that I am requesting too much because they have provided adequate financial information with bank statements and paystubs but only personal references. I have not received a valid phone number from a work supervisor or a past landlord.  They now think that my requests are excessive. Any thoughts or suggestions on this?

Not excessive at all.
Your the Landlord, you make the rules. The more information about the tenants you have the better. You have a right to know who and what they are doing on your property.
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