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New Fair Housing Law in California

Hello all, California's new law began on Jan 1, 2020, stating that landlords cannot refuse to rent to someone because they have a housing subsidy, such as  the Section 8 Voucher, the HUD-VASH Program, Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Programs (there are more listed). Then it continues to state how we have to calculate income requirements. For example, say a person has Sec. 8 and the rent is $2,500 but the prospective tenants portion is only $500. They are required to make 3 times the rent. The law say's that the tenant only has to make $1,500 per month not the full $7,500. That the landlord is only permitted to consider the tenants portion of rent. Okay, I understand this but, this is a permanent situation or sorts. Sure the subsidy amount can fluctuate as the tenants income changes, but I'd like to know how you would consider income eligibility for a person with Rapid Re-Housing rehousing subsidy - when the prospective tenants monthly portion is not a definite number, and also the non-profit that approached me can't guarantee how many months of rent the tenant will get.   I just want to know how to calculate the tenants portion of rent to meet the income eligibility criteria?  If you know anything or have come up with some sort of system, please let me know. Thanks!   The information for this law is on the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) website.
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