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Tenant Screening Tools

Hello, guys!  What tools do you use for screening your potential tenants? Are there any free services?  Thanks!

how do i get a applicant to fill out the screening tool and pay the 29.00 for it
At the top of the page in the menu bar: 1. Click the Tenant Screening 2.  Choose New applicant 3.  Choose Applicant Pays Fees ($29.99 for background check on credit and criminal history) 4.  Optional:  choose $4.99 if you want to include tenant history report as well) 5.  Enter screening criteria  based on home's condition 6.  Enter the person's name and email address 7.  Recipient will receive an email notice with the link to fill out form online prior to running background check. 8.  When report is ready, you will see 3-4 reports in the Tenant Screening window to determine whether you want to accept or deny applicant.  Good luck!
David W  Regarding your #7 after recipient fills out form is it automatically saved or do they email it back to me so I can submit it for background/credit/criminal history? Is the $29.99 for all 3?
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