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Thoughts on Multi-Units vs. Single Family Dwellings?

I own a few different single family dwellings, that I lease out with moderate success, and I've been thinking of venturing into multi-uni rental housing. Anyone have any thoughts, reflections, warnings, etc on the matter?

I own a SFH and a duplex and in my experience in general tenants & prospective tenants in my SFH tend to by higher quality but this may be most likely because my SFH is in more of a family suburban community and my duplex is near downtown.  The issue with mediating between tenants is a big difference - with multi units you have more conflicts that you have to deal with like complaints of noise, smoking in/around the units, general personality clashes.  I think it is worth a shot though to buy a multi-unit--the potential cash flow is greater but again if you have one bad tenant that causes issues with the other tenant your potential cash flow could be worse.
I agree with the previous posts... and another option is Condo's or properties with an HOA.  Generally there is little to no maintenance cost and renters need to comply with the rules and regulations of an HOA... and most have one in there about "getting along with neighbors".  Our Condo's do well as rental income.  The pros side is they're less expensive and cost less to own.  The Con's are if looking at short term to sell they don't increase in value like SFH.
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