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Paint Interior Request

We just had a tenant fully sign our EZ Landlord Lease Agreement.  Did the Move-In Condition finding small minor issues we're willing to take care of in the next few days.  And a request to paint ONLY the second bedroom.  An hour after we left the signing tenant is now stating they would like us to paint the whole interior.  Additional Note while tenant has paid the first month's rent the security deposit we agreed to split into three payments which we received the 1st payment with the rent today.  We have a few ideas but would welcome others input on how to best handle this time and somewhat expensive cost with a win-win solution versus "well you agreed that it was ok when you signed" attitude.  She also expects it to be painted before Christmas.  That we have decided will not happen due to our schedules unless as she has suggested her and her 15 year old daughter will help paint.  We're pretty nervous about letting a lessor paint our rental as we take pride in our rentals as the quality we provide.  This current paint could use or not use a paint job.  We felt it would be fine for another year or two and feel somewhat that this tenant is being a little to picky.

I would personally tell her that you will not be painting the property at this time, but if she would like to paint the interior she can, provided she restore it to neutral colors if required by the landlord at the end of the lease term. On a side note, I would NEVER lease to a tenant who hasn't paid the security deposit in full, because if they're not financially stable enough to come up with the security deposit, I don't want to lease to them.
Thanks Renee... anyone else have ideas/options as well?
I don't let the tenant actually paint anything. If they want to pay me or a paint contractor then I normally allow it and must approve the colors or pay a deposit to paint it back to a neutral color. But I base the rent on the condition of the home. I hardly ever say "No" to my tenants, I just tell them how much it will cost them to do what they want and they can decide. I get the money up front or I change the lease.   I would say, if the home was freshly painted I cannot lease it to you for the agreed upon rate. Do you want a higher monthly rent by $X.00, or the home discounted because the interior paint is warn?  Ex. A tentant was approved but then complained that she didn't know there wasn't a garage door opener installed. She wanted one installed before the move-in date. I agreed but said I will have to raise your rent by $20 a month and would redo the lease. She countered with how about we pay for the equipment and you pay for the install. I declined that also and agreed on the other items she wanted done but as far as the opener it was not installed as a new home and the last 6 years there was never one installed. I told her in this neighborhood it was an upgrade, but if she wanted it I would gladly do it if she paid the additional cost.  We finally agreed on modifying the lease to pay an extra $25 for X number of months.
Thanks Gregory.  I like the concept of options versus saying no.  Thank You!
DO NOT LET them paint it!!!!!    We have several times and its a freaken nightmare of a mess ...all over the molding, carpets and ceiling.   they do not care like you and i do as the property owners..  You could give her your painters number to hire and pay herself with your prior approval and make sure you speak to the painter yourself and verify colors and money charges for future reference
Thank you Denise... this is exactly our fear... and agree with you.  W'e're not going to allow any renter to do the painting.  I think some of these renters watch to much TV... like HGTV... while I like their programming they did have a program on there whereas an agent helps them find a renter... and after moving in... their changing light fixtures... attaching major things to walls and completely repainting the unit.   Ughhhhh!  :-)
First, letting them move in without the full deposit screams of tenants that will have trouble paying the rent.  As for painting, NEVER let your tenants paint.  They're not professionals, and not only do they make a mess (usually), but what if they get hurt?  Will you be liable since you let them do it?  Yup, welcome to food for lawyers.  If they want it painted so badly, then you can accommodate them by having it professionally done with high quality paint in approved colors AT THEIR EXPENSE.
Thanks Doug... I totally like the idea "AT THEIR EXPENSE"... after all it was after the fact she signed the lease.  Thanks!
I would also have the sign an addendum stating Doug's suggestion & that tenant must pay to have the room(s) painted to the original color if they move before 4 (??) years. This is assuming you didn't like the color they selected.
I hate to say it, but we moved out of our house and rented it out with one of the bedrooms hot pink and another brown and bright green. I told them they could paint them if they wanted, but the rest of the house had to stay the same. They painted the pink room at their expense, the other one they turned into their son's room with dinosaurs. Since we had been living there and our move was sudden, we didn't have time to paint neutral colors in our kids old rooms. We do, however, plan on replacing the carpets when they move out anyway, as they will be at least 4 years old by then, so I am not worried about it if they spilled a little.
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