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Timing of listing - tax question

Hi All,   I've been learning LOTS in the past couple weeks about my introduction to being a landlord (reading NOLO books).  I have a couple questions which I can't find answers to.  Hoping this community can help.  First, a description of my situation.  [----]  I have owned and lived in my LA condo, since 2003.   I am moving to SF early next year (Feb/Mar).  I have been in the adjustable period of a 5/1 ARM for the past year.  My rate is 3.0% and expected to be 2.7% on Feb 1.    Before I rent my place, I have many upgrades to make.   I was planning on not starting them until January so that everything is in the same tax year.  - remove popcorn cieling (positive for asbestos) - replace broken oven and old dishwasher - replace sagging garden fence - install missing bdrm closet door - possible bath overhaul (not sure yet if crack in tub is serious, or repairable) - replace 2" faux wood blinds with aluminum blinds - repaint all walls - steam clean carpet  [-----]  With that in mind, I am looking to refinance this month with a 30-year, while rates are low, and while I can still claim it as a primary residence.  Then the tax part.   As I understand it, as a homeowner I can not deduct the above upgrade list from my taxes, but as a landlord I can.   I will be doing these upgrades while I still live in my condo and before I rent anything in SF.    Can I still take these as tax deductions?   Your help/advice/suggestions are greatly appreciated!   Thanks
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I'm no expert but I don't think so.  If you refinance as a home owner, you can write off points and application fees etc. But I am almost sure repairs are not tax deductable for a home owner.  When you claim your property as an investment, you have to state when it became an investment, and must show income I believe. So based on my past experience with my CPA, you cannot claim repairs or upgrades until it is an investment property.
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