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Suspicious of tenant breaking things in my rental

I have a first time tenant in my rental home who I have reason to believe is purposely breaking things in my home.  They have only been a renter for 2 months, and have had more things "break" than my family had in five years! Each time I go over to look at what is "broke" - it works fine, but as soon as I leave - I get another call the next day that the system/item isn't working again.  I am at a point where I am seriously suspicious of them. How can I handle this?

That's a tough situation, because it's nearly impossible to know for sure. You can't evict them without evidence that they've broken the lease agreement, but you can tell them that they will need to take better care of the property, and that you will not be fixing anything else for the remainder of the lease term. If they don't like it, they can always leave.
I believe i understand what your saying ??? they claim non-working item go over to find nothing broken that right? If this is the case i would get an independent repair person to respond to verfy there is nothing wrong and then present the renter with a bill. that should Stop the renter and if not at least you have Proof for court of what the renter is doing instead of the he said you said. Also i would look at having an inspection done on the unit to decoument everything is in working order. this again could act as a deterant to the renter and also back you up in court if needed. (Also remember the cost is tax deductable and a great investment) I have a rental properity i get certified between renters by a lincensed home inspector. Cost $250 and i now present this to the renter as part of the lease package. I used this in court once and it has paid for its self 5 times over in what it savesd me if i lost my case. the renter said the car port was faulty/rickity and colapsed on her and her car. when in fact her son was bumping in to the suport posts when he parked daily. this inspection was involuble to me in stating my case.My lawyer was just over i could make this so easy for her. Also my insurance company when the renter had to repay the cost of repair to them for the carport rebuild. Pictures also help. My point is always cover your ASSets.(LOL) also people are willing to pay a little more when this cert is presented. Good luck
This is a sticky situation but there is only a few things that can go wrong but I have had bad luck so far. Im trying to cover my assets.    
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