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Domestic issues with tenants, lease violations

So I have these tenants for about 5 months now it's an unmarried couple with a 2 yr. old.  Other than having to chase them for the rent a few times they where ok. a couple weeks ago I have the cops at the house twice. the second time its the guy leaving with the cops. then all these people start showing up at all hours of day and night and strange vehicles staying on my property. ( only 1 tenants vehicle authorized on property) now I suspect she has her sister and her sisters kid living  with her and some coming and going boyfriends. I know now why the cops where here for the domestic dispute. but  its not against him! she kicked the crap out of this poor guy(in front of kid) and he was removed for his protection.  The concern is this: the male tenant is not coming back and she has no income. also, she claims to have  M.S. which keeps her from working. (though she has the energy to kick her boyfriend around) If I send her notice of lease non renewal will I get screwed because of this M.S. issue or is it enough that she has multiple  lease violations and proof of her violent behavior?
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You can serve her with an eviction notice if she's violated the lease agreement, or you can send her a notice of non-renewal and not specify a reason, just depends on how soon the lease term is ending. Best of luck, sounds pretty nightmarish.
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