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Occupancy Notification

I have tenant's that are in a 1 bedroom efficiency.  They are expecting their 2nd child in April.  Presently there are 2 adults and 1 full time child  and 2 allowed visitation on the lease.  This new baby will bring it to 6 people at any time living in this apartment.  I've spoken to them about the occupancy.  But I want to give them 60 day notice to vacate due to their upcoming birth.  Is this legal for me to do since the child will actually not be born till april.    

You have to be careful about this, since you want them out on the basis of familial status, which is touchy legally. Are you on a month-to-month lease agreement? If so, you don't need a reason to end the lease term, you can just send them notice. If not, wait until two months before the end of the term and give them a 60 day notice that you will not be renewing their lease agreement.
Or you could just raise there rent significantly with the 30 day notice and they would probley leave.
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