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not wanting to pay

i have a tenant  now for 13 months, oringinally he wanted to purchase the home after 1 year,  the lease was about to be up on 12/31 and did not have any finances lined up. I had him sign a 6 month lease leting him know I would be puting the house on the market in March, would give him time to try and get finanaced. Come to find he a has a foreclosure with in the last year. Now he wants out of the six month lease and says he can't afford the rent. I offered him a $200 month discount to help him out til the end of the lease. What should I do? let him go or make him stick to the lease?
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I would let him go, provided he pays the last month's rent and agrees to be out of the rental property by the end of that month, and will leave the property in impeccable shape. If you trust that he will actually do those things, I'd start advertising it and showing it while he's still in it.
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