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Tenant wants a pet, do we have to allow it

In our lease it does have a section where it states pets are allowed, but the tenants lease is almost up and we prefer them not having a pet unless they extend the lease.  Do we have to allow a pet because of that statement.  

If you state that pets are allowed - and it is not specific saying that they have to have it approved etc. They have the right to get the pet into the building.   They sound like decent tenants if they are asking you about the ability to have pets and consulting you first. You may, when/if they want to extend, include a clause that they can't have additional pets (and list what ones they have now) without getting approval from you in writing.
You can always tell them that while they are within their rights to have a pet, you will not be renewing their lease agreement if they choose to do so.  That's not what I would do, however (assuming they are good tenants and you want to keep them).  I would personally tell them that if they want a pet, you will require a refundable pet deposit when they renew the lease agreement for another term.
Prior to saying yes to a pet, the landlord if possible should see the pet, (or photo) to verify pet identity, shots, temperment, renters insurance that they will pay for damages, etc. A legal pet, like a legal tenant should be known up front and be verified. Otherwise, landlord beware, damages to your rental can skyrocket to thousdands quickly by a pet that should have never been allowed in the unit to begin with, it all starts with knowing pet information prior to saying yes for pets allowed. Like tenant verification and appoval, likwwise info for pets unknown can end up in court over you allowing the pet to stay.  If there are legal liabilities in your state for landlords, know what you are in for by accepting pets.
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