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Renting to senior tenants

We are thinking to buy an investment house in Philadelphia, PA. and there's already a tenant has been living in that house for the past 15 years. She is willing to live there as long as possible and we like here as a tenant. But on the same token, we are a bit afraid the following scenario might happen.  1. She's a senior and is not working already, we don't know if her income is pension or SS. and so we are not sure if she would be able to continue to pay the rent in the future.  2. What happens if she really don't have the money to pay the rent in the future? Is there a law in PA to allow her to keep living in there? (I believe it is like this in NYC) What can I do if it did happen? I can't collect any rent from her and can't let her out and rent the place to someone else?   Please help! Carl.
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By the way, the law in NY is called "SENIOR CITIZEN LEASE TERMINATIONS ". not sure if PA has the same.
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