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Renting to family

I think I made a huge mistake by renting out my two bedroom apt to my dad and uncle. The first mistake was when I allowed my uncle to move his teenage son into the building when I never wanted to rent to anyone with children because of my work schedule and pets. The second mistake is happening because of the constant stay of an unauthorized guest after I have expressed that UNAUTHORIZED GUESTS ARE NOT ALLOWED!  My mind says to ask them to leave to avoid conflict or confrontation but my pocket says to increase their rent because of the extra bodies placing wear and tear within my property. What advice does anyone have to help me?
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Renting to family is very difficult. Rarely does it work out well but that does not say that it cannot work well. KEEP EVERYTHING on a professional level and in a written form of communication. Keep emotions and feelings out of it and make sure that all you do is within your state, local and federal landlord tenant law. First things first....send a notice regarding the unauthorized guest. At the end have them contact you. Be straight on what you want, the money for the extra occupant OR the extra occupant out! If it is the extra money you desire, negotiate and than draw up an amendment to your lease. If you want the extra person out, then explain that in the notice. Give them a specific number of days (again check your state's requirements) and if they are not out, you can go through eviction. Weigh the good and the bad...eviction on the premise of non payment of rent is usually cut and dry...but eviction on other factors can be a bit more complex.
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