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Adult Occupant on an Existing Lease (Pennsylvania)

I have a tenant who actually is a repeat tenant from 3 years ago.  She moved in late last year and now she has a boyfriend  who is there all the time.  The other day when she was not home I spotted him entering the premises with a key.  I met with the tenant and asked if he is living there, she said "pretty much".  She said she does not want him on the lease with her.  Should I just change her lease and add him as an "occupant" or should I inform her that it's required for him to sign a lease?  I don't want to lose her as a tenant, but she seems firm about him being there.  I would like to make sure that our decision protects us and resolves this issue amicably.  
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Tenants can have visitors as they are abiding the rules, unless your lease states that your tenant is required to notify you of any changes in occupancy. If you add him to the lease, he is now a responsible party to the lease and all of its terms and conditions.
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