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deposit left for apt.

four days ago a lady left me $200. because she decided to rent an apt. i had advertised for rent.  i told her to think about it and explained that i didn't want to push her into anything.  She decided she wanted it and gave me $200. which i deposited right away.  i immediately cancelled my ad, and turned away numerous callers inquiring about renting the place.  Then today she emails me to say she has changed her mind and decided her stuff won't all fit into the apartment  and wants to know when she can come get her $200. back from me.  I have no intention of returning her $200. as i have been seriously inconvenienced as well as lost many potential renters.  I want to confirm that it is in fact legal for me to NOT give her back her $200. i reside in virginia and the property is in virginia.
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I say keep the money; the worst thing she can do is take you to court over it, at which time you can each simply explain to the judge what happened and the judge will decide who the $200 goes to.  Possession is 9/10 of the law.
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