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Tenant does not want to sign new lease...

I'm a property mgr for 5 private owned town-home buildings (in TX). I have 2 tenants who have lived here for over a year (I've only been here since June 2011). The landlord has asked me to have all tenants sign a new lease because the previous manager took all the leases with her and the landlord has no documentation of the leases. The tenants both refuse to sign the new lease because they still have their copies of the old lease & there's some minor work that needs to be completed in their town-home. 1st question, since they don't want to sign a new lease, do we HAVE to do some of the work in their town-home? It's things like touch up paint, replace a towel holder, nothing major that would affect their safety or health. 2nd question, since they don't want to sign the new lease, are we able to legally evict them on these grounds? They were already on a month to month lease.

Either the landlord or tenant may terminate a lease at the end of the term without any reason, except in low-income housing tax credit properties. In these properties, the landlord must have good cause to terminate the lease. The landlord may not refuse to renew a lease in retaliation for the tenant having requested repairs within the previous six months or for reasons grounded in illegal discrimination. In the case of termination at the end of the lease, notice is for the same length of time as the rental payment period.
They had a month to month lease to begin with, but the landlord has a new, more defined lease for all tenants to sign. The tenant refuses to sign the new lease, but demands all sorts of work be done to their town-home. It's nothing that would affect their safety.
Is it harder or easier to evict a tenant when they are in a month to month lease because the refuse to renew a lease?
neither, we already give them till the 3rd before late fees start on the 4th & if the fail to make an arrangement with me or neglect to contact me as to why they're going to be late, then that's basically saying they don't care... we still give them their pay or vacate notice, if nothing is still received by the date on the notice, then eviction process starts.
Good luck Clarissa, I hope things work to be an easy and smooth fix.
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