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Tenant Wants to move in  a boyfriend...again

Need VA law help on how to handle a lease renewal that my tenant wants to have boyfriend 'added' . I have no problem including him in new lease IF he meets the  approval criteria for tenancy  i.e rental app, prev rental /work/credit history. I will probably lose this tenant if I refuse.  She already has paid a slightly higher deposit because of her 'risk factors'. Should/can I require more or an additional deposit from him? The last boyrfriend left within 45 days of the tenancy signing a notarized statement of departure and forfeiting any rights to the deposit and requesting release from the lease. I  allowed it. I will not do that again.  I will definetely include additional clauses to safeguard me from  similiar situations.  Believe it or not, she has been a fairly good tenant, lots of personal issues, but solid in paying rent and minimal known wear on unit  to date.    I am already within the 90-day renewal period,  current lease expires April 15th .
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I don't know why she wants him on the lease agreement in the first place, instead of just having him move in. Regardless, I would tell her you'll accept him on the lease if he pays an extra deposit and/or they start paying higher rent.
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