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leasing in OH with addmended agreement

We leased our home to a couple who said he had contractor experience and showed us examples of his work. My husband and I are both ill and live in another state.  We have a property manager.  before all documents in the lease were signed by both parties we read the entire lease and all agreed upon impovements that were to be done with a reduction in rent for the entire year, for services on the home.  We put a time limit of three months from the start of the lease.  Also, stated that no money put into the work would be given back or refunded at anytime.  We had appraisals of the work that needed done and stated it the work was not done or done incorrectly that it would be done and they would be responsible for it by a reputable contractor.  Well to wrap this up we both have been ill and they have failed to do the work agreed upon and we are wondering if we have to give there deposit back and do we have any recourse against them.  Are we allowed to raise the rent now till the end of there agreement, or what can or can't we do.  Need help soon.  They know we are ill and have taken advantage of this and our manager is not doing or done the job well.

I would serve the tenants with an eviction notice for breach of lease, and file for eviction.  Unfortunately that's really your only legal recourse.
We did not do this and now they did start the process of installing what they call a french drain.  They tore up the concrete in the basement as well as a concrete pad outside the home.  W/O asking or pictures before, during and after as agreed in the lease.  They also removed fence and post and cut down a large flowering tree all without permission.  They don't return calls and fail to respond to text messages.  I am wondering do I have grounds to send a notice to vacate in 30 days or do I just go ahead and evict them now?  Am I able to keep the security deposit since they have not completed the work and are in violation of contract?  Plus they have violated the pet agreement again as well with chickens and we did not give them written permission.  Their contract is up next month, we were thinking of trying to show mercy and let them stay but raising the rent to cover the cost of repairs and insurance cost and taxes going up.  But, now I don't feel we should even consider it.  We have been more than tolerant and I feel they have taken advantage of our kindness.   Please help and what would be the best route to go in OH.  Thanks again I don't know what I would do without your help.  God Bless.
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