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Southern Illinois

I have a tenant who signed 18 month lease.  My first question, is there a limit on the term that a lease in Illinois can be made for?  ( year the maximum).  This same tenant is planning on moving out (abandoning) the property after the 12 months.  (as I've heard she is in the process of moving right now as per neighbors).  What is my recourse on her leaving the property 6 months early? I will obviously send a letter demanding her rent/utilities at the beginning of the month but what is my next step in being able to legally get this property leased again?  At what point am I legally allowed to enter the property to prepare for new tenants?
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I would call her and confront her about it. Either you can sign a Mutual Termination of Lease Tenancy, where you let her out of the lease agreement early (often for a fee), or you can file in court for any lost rent between the time she moves out and when you re-rent the unit. Personally I would just charge her a fee and release her from the lease agreement.
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