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FL Lease expires 7/13/11

Hello, the tenants lease expires 7/13/11. I sent them a lease renewal notice (found on this website) 6/13/11 informing them they had the option of renewing to a month to month or 6 months term. They were to respond by 6/24/11. I have not heard from them yet. Based on the lease if I receive and accept payment on July 1 I have entered into a month to month lease with them.  My question is :is it harder or easier to evict a month to month tenant?

It's generally easier; sometimes the amount of notice required is less, however you still have to go through the same court eviction process.   I would call them up and try to speak with them by phone to find out what they're planning.
Try to keep lines of communication open. Just because they haven't filled out the form and returned it, doesn't mean much if you haven't tried other avenues to talk to them. Might be they put it aside and thought it was dealt with.  Try calling or emailing, or texting. I think it is the same for evicting a lease or month to month tenant.  Costs are pretty much the same as well as the time it takes.
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