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What do I start first? the homeless and squwaters friends wont leave.they said time and time ok but didnt.

it's been empty for a year now,needs major fixing.but i can not get started because I've let  a homeless couple sleep a few nights cause of the weather and now they live there! My mistake I wish  take back .its gotten way out of hand for way too long.This is my fault,am i breaking the law.what are the concenquences for my behalf?
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If you have never accepted rent or verbally expressed that you are allowing them to stay there, then you probably can call your local authorities and have them removed for trespassing. BUT if you have acknowledge their existence by taking any money or having ANY type of verbal or written agreement, then you will have to go through the court system and conduct a proper eviction. First would be to serve notice. Mail it to your rental on door.. But I think if what I said above is true, I would contact the authorities first. BE CAREFUL, and do not LOCK these people out. Some judges may find that if you have/had "knowledge" of these squatters and you permitted them to stay, this may be considered as an agreement between parties. Be careful how you proceed and if you are the lease bit concerned about how you should proceed, consult an attorney. Spending a few bucks on a professional now could save you lots of money later.
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