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New York Renters Insurance

We have some student rental houses in upstate New York.  Although I understand that you cannot require tenants to have rental insurance,  our insurance broker has told us that, if our tenants have dogs, they must have renters insurance otherwise our insurance could be cancelled.   We do not have to allow pets.  However, if our tenants are asking us for permission to have pets, can we insist on the renters insurance as a part of the negotiations ?    Thanks  Michael
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A tenant has the option to take out renters insurance, but that is not required unless stated in the lease. It may be a good idea for the tenant to have insurance, but that is a personal choice. If the Tenant and Landlord agree to the requirement of specific insurance especially when involving a liablity issue for a pet, then the Landlord may require it via the lease agreement. Does that absolve the Landlord of all liability???? Absolutely NOT!!   But it does provide extra assurance.  
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