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I am in Wylie Texas, Collin County. How can i tell my current  tenant That I will  not  be renewing the contract .?

They are very hard to work with and the wife lost the original job. Honestly I do not want to re do the contract to them but how can i tell them without discriminating them and possibly using "this discrimination" against me?  The situation: The contract ends on  this January  31st  2012. But They are late already as of today because the wife lost her job and got a lower paying job with only 8 dlls per hour. the husband still works but they could not afford  the 1655.00  due last  January 1st. I am using the easy landlord form agreement for a single family. the house is a 5 bed, 3 bath and 2 car, 4000 sq ft. The tenants are the husband , the wife plus 3 kids 6,7  and 8 years old.  ing to send  I already sent the Late Rent Demand for Payment for every day after the 5th day that I got from here. I am planning to send one of this forms for every day with only 3 dlls extra for every additional day starting with the initial late fee of 65.00dlls plus the rent  amount. A maximum of 8 days according to the contract. After this Will face eviction on January the 16th ( Plannning to call Collin county to Ask them if is legal and ok.)  
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A landlord can fail to renew a lease agreement for ANY reason, unless the landlord illegally retaliates or discriminates. A main provision of any lease specifies the lease time period. After the lease expires, the landlord-tenant relationship usually continues on a month-to-month basis, unless one of the parties indicates otherwise. Often, leases require a 30-day notice to terminate the lease but read your lease carefully to know your specific notice requirements. Also, it is a good idea to give notice in writing, regardless of the requirements of your lease
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