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Property manager changes lease

Our property manager recently changed our lease agreement with the new tenants preventing us from early termination rights without inforing us prior to lease signing.  Also we were not allowed to sign the lease.  Is this legal and are we bound by this document?

The property manager has a primary responsibility to the landlord. The relationship the property manager has with the landlord and with the tenant are crucial in forming the expectations of both parties to the lease since both parties will seek and expect certain rights and benefits out of it. - He should have informed you before doing this - unless you have arranged otherwise.
The question as to whether it is legal for the property manager to change the lease and/or not allow you to sign the lease - I can't answer fully, but I would assume that changing the lease is "legal" because the manager may not have thought you had wanted/needed those items. Had you clearly stated you wanted to make sure you always had early termination rights and/or the manager couldn't change the lease without your approval - then you have a case where the manager broke your contract.

 That being said, you are legally bound by the document because you had/have an agency agreement and under that agency - an agreement was entered into. The new tenants could and would have expected that the owners would have been agreeable to the terms in the lease. Now, if there are any damages obtained because of these unauthorized changes, you could go after the property manager for those damages.
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