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I have a tenant that has been late numerous times in a one year period, and when i say late its maybe the end of the month. She never calls to say she is going to be late or make arrangements to get the rent paid in a timely manner. I have to call her and I get the response that I dont know when i will be able to pay. I even offered to make arrangements by paying semi monthly but no feed back. When something breaks or is not working she is quick to call, and wants it done right away. I Always get them done in atimely manner. I dont know what else to do. I given her severaLl notices, and i dont hear from her. Well her lease is up and i still havnt received rent for January. Lease was up on the 14th of January. Monday i will be giving her a 7 day notice. I think i have bent over backwards and given her enough time.
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