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Lead Paint Disclosure Requirement

I am renting out a room in my house, which was built before 1978. The tenant has access to common areas (livingroom, kitchen, bathroom). Am  I required to give the tenant a lead paint disclosure or is this considered a "zero-bedroom dwelling" (which is exempt)? Also, where would one find any information relating to whether there is lead paint in their home?

Types of housing exempted from these requirements are:  •Zero bedroom units, such as efficiencies, lofts, and dormitories.  •Housing leased for less than one hundred (100) days, such as vacation houses or short-term rentals.  •Housing for the elderly (unless children live there).  •Housing for the handicapped (unless children live there).  •Rental housing that has been inspected by a certified inspector and found to be free of lead-based paint  •Housing sold at a foreclosure sale.  BUT IF IT WERE ME, I would have a disclosure signed be on the safe side.
I called HUD and they said that the disclosure is indeed required in this situation. I'm glad I checked.
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