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Breaking lease

I rented a house last month in Fort worth, TX. My rent was due on November 15th. I asked the Tenanat for the rent payment on November 15th night, he told me that he forgot the rent was due and will give me the rent next day. On November 16th tenant paid only 1/2 of the rent saying that he has to break the lease because he lost the job and he pormissed to pay the balance on November 17th. I called Tenanat on November 17th for the remainder payment and his wife picked up the phone (she is on the lease) and told me that we have the security deposit and 1/2 of the rent and she can not afford to pay the rent.  As per lease agreement, late payment is 1% of the rent or $15/day.  As per lease agreement they cannot break the lease under any circumstances. My question is, can I recover my rent for the rest of the year? What action I should take to recover the partail rent.  They told me to contact my lawyer.   Also when they moved in they purchase the washer and dryer and suppose to pay for them with the rent. They have not paid anything for it and used the washer and dryer whole month. I asked them to return the washer and dryder but they are not returning it.  
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