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water sewer bill

on a lease do u have to list water sewer bill or can you just say utlities?

Its best to list all that apply, I agree, I am a Realtor, and its an assumption on many tenants and even home buyers that if it does not say specific things it does not apply... and that is just not true... so, if it says utilities, it might mean anything the reader wants it to mean, but spelling it out is clear and gives them a chance to prepare for what they can afford and deal with before doing a showing, you don't want any financial surprises or any surprises for that matter on a home buyer or a tenant... its just not fair to them... and its on the sleazy side if its intentional... a tenant might feel it was intentional, and by that time you have them under contract.. not a good place to be for either of you.. John
I would list the water sewer bill, you want to be as specific as possible, you don't want any confusion!
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