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I have a watermark that says "Click Here To Print!".   I click on it and it sends me to the web page to upgrade my membership.   When I print to my inkjet this watermark shows up on the lease making it useless.  I am using the latest Adobe.     This is a very frustratign web site.  

Please make sure you have AT LEAST the $25/ 2 week membership. If you purchased the $9.99 membership that is for every document EXCEPT the lease. If you need further assistance contact technical support by clicking the rectangular button at the top right of the page "Live Help".
for free
i paid for the doc's now it wont print
Just because they had me go thru all this work, implying that it was free, then surprising me at the end with a Pay to Print deal, Forget It.  I'd rather pay a site that was truthful upfront.
I thought this was a free service Whats up with this
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