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First Month and Tenant Is Late

So I rent my house to a kid who grew up in the house.  Said he didn't even need to look at the inside he knew the layout.  Texted me when he did go in and said the house looked fine.  Here we go.  I started getting messages from him, his mother, his grandfather on what all they wanted done to the house and it was a loooooooooooooooong list.  I did all of the necessary repairs and he eventually moved in.  I had to knock off 12 days of rent because he had already paid for a full month but wouldn't move in until I was done with the repairs.  Not even repairs just cosmetic things, painting, cleaning etc.  So the fridge goes out and he already threw out "a ton of food".  I had a repairman over the next morning to fix it.  told him it would take 24 hours to completely cool off.  24 hours later the fridge still isn't working so I replaced the refrigerator 2 days later on a Saturday.  His rent is due on the first and now it's the 6th.  He hasn't asked me to replace his food contents but he was texting me about how he had to throw it all out, eat out every day spend money on drinks etc.  Had I known before he threw the food out I would've offered a huge cooler and supply ice for him or offered to store it in my refirigerator but he had already thrown it out.  I'm just wondering if he is holding this food issue over my head and do I have a right to evict him for being late on his first month?  It states in the leasae that at anytime I can send a 30 day notice to terminate the rental agreement.  It is a 3 month lease and thereafter month to month.   
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You must send a written demand giving him five days to  pay the overdue rent.  If the rent is not paid within these five  days, you can end the lease and go to the  magistrate to evict.
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