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I need to know if anyone, in the State of Arizona, has come across a situation in which you have rented, under a 1 year lease, to a Marine.  The Marine is getting out of the service 6 months into the lease and even though there is a Military Clause attached to the lease I am being told that the Marine can be let out of the lease with no further obligation. This information was provided to me by the base legal department, however, he could only state a case that happened in Nebraska.  Does anyone have any information?  Stacy, AZ

Is he being deployed or being discharged? Do you have a specific question about breaking the lease?
He Is being discharged from the Marines.  He signed a 1year lease that does not expire until the end of September. He has decided to move back to his home state.  I don't believe that a discharge from the corps releases him from his lease. He is not getting a change of duty station.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
You really can't force someone from not moving. Life has a way from creating cross roads. Your contract should have had a section as to what happens when leases are broken. Technically, he's probably responsible until you find another tenant. Suggest that he stay or pay 2 months rent. Also have him agree to be co-operative in showing the property and keeping it clean. Make sure you get a "Notice to Vacate in (date)" from him. You may need this should he change his mind. Usually a tenant is willing to work with you if you are willing to work with them and help them with their problem (needing to move). I like meeting in a coffee shop to discuss situations. Remember, he has a problem (needing to move) and if he sees your willingness to help, he'll want to help you with your situation. That's better than finding the place trashed or him moving w/o notice. Good luck
It is my understanding that when a service member is discharged from the service they get a set of discharge orders.  Those orders are, to my understanding, sufficient to break the lease.
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