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I have a condo, I signed rental agreement with a couple they told me they are boy friend and girl friend. After one month I came back to collect the rent, I find out is different couple live there. I ask them " Who are you?" they told me they are friend of my tenants they came to visit and my tenant was not home. I have been calling the tenants both of them not answer my phone call. I told the couple live there I will be back for the rent. Next day I came back the new people pay me by money order. I took it I called my tenant again they are no answer. I have a feeling my tenants rented this condo for this couple. I hear from the neighbor few days ago, the man have been arrested for domestic violent. What should I do? Make them sign new lease? Kid them out? I really don't know they will pay me in April or not?

Mary, you know what you have to do. Having them sign a new lease is not the correct answer! Unless you have money to burn, start calling to get them removed.
I would definitely work on getting them out for Mary I wish you well in this situation
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