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Leasing issues/want eviction process to begin

I have a tenant who will not sign a lease. He was on a month to month from 3/10 until 11/11. I presented him with a month to month renewal On nov. 29, 2011 to be signed and returned to me by Jan. 15, 2012 to begin on Feb. 1,2012. The new lease contained a $50.per month Increase.  He never signed the lease. We went to court and the judge ruled in my favor and awarded the $50. Each for Feb. And March  Plus court costs amounting to $ 129. Judge "since there is no lease I can not award late fees". What court do I go to in Bergen County to  File for this tenant to sign the lease. Is this continuous refusal grounds for eviction? My tenant is very contentious and I want to evict him. Secondly, the house has been on the market For Sale since Dec. 1,& 2011. The tenant has not permitted the real estate agent to show the Apartment in the last four months. She has had 20 inquiries from prospective buyers and real estate agents and has been " stonewalled"  By this tenant. The house is a two family, non-owner occupied house. I am currently in Court about the "stonewalling" and the Judge has  Already ordered him to comply, but he has denied access and made his phone number unavailable to take incoming calls. Any thoughts?
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Hi Jeff, this definitely sounds like grounds for eviction. You can find eviction docs on this site.  You could also contact your local court house to see if they have any advice.   Here is also a notice to vacate:
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