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Tenants won't pay or communicate

I rented my AZ house to a couple who started out okay, but when the lease expired Feb. 29, they stopped paying rent and now neither they nor their co-signor will return calls, texts, or e-mails. I sent them: 5-Day Pay or Quit notice, Notice to Show Property, and Notice to Enter forms through and received electronic notification that each notice has been opened and read (good feature!) I've advertised the house and am getting a lot of interest from potential tenants. Here's the problem: Next week, I'd like to start showing the property, and since the tenant won't respond to any requests for appointments, am I within my rights to gain access of the property with my key?

Angela, it seems you must start the process for eviction. Here is a helpful article to help guide you. Before understanding the legal process for evicting a tenant, it's important that landlords understand that there is no other legal way to remove a tenant. A self-help or illegal eviction is when a landlord decides to take matters in his/her own hands without following the procedures prescribed by state and local law.
Thanks so much, Jessica!
they need to be served legally..hire a professional server...once they have been served, you can start legal process, which is going to court and getting a legal court order to vacate signed by the that point the local sherriff will enter the home and phycially remove all their belongings and remove said tenants onto the street, therefore you regain your property at that point, and only that point. DO NOT ENTER THE APT?HOUSE until these steps are done first. Make sure your server gets a signed notary to the effect also.  
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