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Tenant requesting proof of cert/license of repairman

I have been having issues with my tenant who was given 45 days notice of non-renewal of lease that will be naturally expiring on June 1st.  She has in the past 10 days made 3 request for repairs on leaking faucets, dripping sinks, and now claims that the heater isn’t working (the house is in Houston and she turned it on this week with 708 weather).  She is now stating the following "Please advise your professional that we will be asking for name and proof of cert/license. Due to the severity of the repair wed like to have it on file with our paper work".  My question is when my repairman shows up tomorrow can she do this and does he have to comply since she is just a tenant and I am the landlord paying for the repair.  Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Thanks

Sounds like you have a “tenant from hell.” I don’t believe she’s entitled to proof of certification/license. That’s your responsibility. However, I would request that the business doing the work give them their business card and tell them to call tenant to arrange a date/time for repairs. I would also tell business about the type of tenant that they may be dealing with and not do any more work than you have agreed to. Make sure that business does not give them the bill. ---- I would also request a written letter from the tenant to send you a list of items that require repair, when it happened and possible cause. Tell tenant you need this to make sure you have a clear understanding of the problems and so that you’re able to arrange repairs in a timely manner. If tenant refuses, let me know.  Keep in mind that most repairs should be done in a reasonable time, except in case of emergency. An emergency example would be no water. Always check your State/ Local laws. Let me know what happens. Thanks and Good Luck.
I am a first time landlord and it has been frustrating to say the least.  I rented to a friend (at the time) and continued to give her a discounted rental price ($150 a month less than my mortgage payment). After 2 1/2 years I had decided to non-renew and do some renovations.  Since I sent the 45 days notice of non renewal to her it has snowballed into total and complete ridiculousness.  I think I am going to do the list of the required repairs.   Thanks for your input.
Georgia, you just learned a valuable lesson about working with people you know. Eventually it tends to destoy the friendship. Sad. Don't be discouraged. Make sure you treat being a landlord as a business. It won't free you of problems, but it will limit them. And most importantly, don't get taken in by sad stories. They're about a dime a dozen at Walmart LOL. Rental business is a good business, I still believe there's a future in it. It allowed me to retire 12 yrs ago from my 9-5 job. Remember, it's a long term (10-20 yrs) investment, unless the market goes up quickly again. Good Luck and keep smiling   :-) If you have the time, keep me posted on the results. I like to know if my suggestions work.
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