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Bed-bug infestation

Is it legal in Pennsylvania to make the tenant responsible for the cost of removing bed-bug infestation if the property was not infested prior to their taking possession?

Most State laws require tenants to return the rental in the same condition that it was received. If the tenant doesn't, the answer to your question may be yes. Look up landlord/tenant laws for your State.
I know here in MA the landlord is responsible for pests in multiple unit housing but in single family houses the tenants are responsible. Just double check you rights there. You might be able to deduct the fee of new carpet, ect from the deposit.
@ Alexine - Although a landlord is responsible for pest control, landlord should be able to charge tenant for cost if it can be determined that tenant caused the problem. I also disagree with the cost of a "new" carpet.
I agree with your first statement I was not disagreeing. I'm just saying that where we live if a tenant causes a  problem in a single unit they are responsible. However, if you move into an uninhabitable sinle unit the landlord is responsible. In multiple units laws are different here. The law here is specific. I couldn't find anything in the PA law about it. As far as carpet goes though it does have about. 10 year life so if you have to replace it and it is only 5 years old you can deduct half of what it costs to replace not the whole amount. But that would only be the case if you have to remove it to fully exterminate the bed bugs. They can livein walls and spread to other units so it may become more costly fast. You have to prove it was their fault in multiple units too. Inspecting the surrounding units may be necessary to determine that.
I only rent out single family units but everything I read says there is more difficulties in multiple unit buildings because of how bed bugs spread.
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