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Month to Month Lease

Hello I have/had a Tenant who moved in my Property, Single Family Home, four years ago. For the first two years we had a Lease Agreement signed by both parties. After the second year we didn't write up a Agreement and both parties felt okay with it. 30 Days ago I had to terminate the Lease agreement and gave my Tenant written notice. My Tenant found fairly soon a new place and started moving out. In our Last meeting my Tenant stated that they would have the house professional cleaned after they moved out and I had only to do the painting. Our first two leases state that, quote "Tenant need to fill/fix holes and repaint the whole interior walls with the original paint, after moving out". I made my Tenant aware of that clause and she emailed me that she has already somebody looking at it. Today I discovered that there will be no cleaning nor painting. The Tenant states we don't have a contract anymore and she doesn't have to do anything. I have a Deposit and her last Rent which will not cover the damage/work. It is my Opinion that we still have a lease. I feel that our Original Agreements are still valid and the only thing what changed are the Terms. From being a one year lease it changed into a month to month lease.  Getting some input from outside would be very much appreciated.
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