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what to do about no rent payment

I am seeking a little advice on a rental is 950/mo i have them set up on bi weekly payment arrangements on 1st and 15th @ 475.00 with a 25.00 late fee...currently they have not payed at all for April they are behind as of today 1,000. Tomorrow is May 1 they will be behind another 475 + the 25.00 late fee(they are always late). I have had no response from them as to why no payment. I have also learned that they had the police called on them for a fight in the front yard, and they have signed a zero tolerance for criminal activity addendum, i am in the process of finding out if there is a incident report on file with the police. I am just wondering what is the next course of action i should take? there lease isn't up till August 6th. Thanks for any advice!  
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I'm not sure what you're waiting for. You stated they are late in their rent. Why are you doing more research? Send them a Pay or Quit Notice ASAP along with a Notice for the "zero tolerance for criminal activity addendum" if it applies. It should be obvious the type of tenants they are. Every day you wait, it's costing you. Keep us posted. Others may learn from your experience.
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