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Changing lease terms with short notice

I have have tenants now who are finishing up a one year lease that ens on June 15 2012.  I wish to make the next lease for these tenants (should they want to stay) a 10 months lease, and increase the rent 5%.    The tenant asked several times for the new lease dating back to March 15 2012.  I first only told them of the rent increase and 10 month lease on May 17 2012.  Since I told them with only approx 28 days to the end of the lease, is there a problem here?  Can they come back to me and say that they dont want to sign the new changed lease and that legally they are allowed to stay an extra month (until July 15 2012 at the old rental rate) because I didnt give them at least 30 days notice?  Any/all help is appreciated.
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I believe you need a 30 day notice on raising the rent.
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