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Renewing an existing lease in the EZlandlord forms system

I have several leases that need to be renewed.  What is the best method for renewing these leases in the system?  Should I (1) start from scratch and just create a totally new lease which will leave both old and renewed leases in the system, (2) open the existing lease document and make the appropriate changes/edits (ie. change the term of lease agreement) there by altering my documentation of the (soon to be) old lease or (3) is there a "lease renewal" feature within the website that I'm not aware of yet that makes this a simple transition (if so, please tell me how to do this)?  Thanks,  Josh
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I think the best method is to re-write the whole lease again, this way you can make the proper edit and/or additions and have record of the old and new lease on file. If you change one of your existing leases then you can't go back to it to refer to. Be sure to point out any new changes/additions to the tenant prior to signing.   Hope this helps.
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