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Beached lease

Breached Lease I have tenant that have added 2 children to the property and also paid rent late. The children are of age 4 and its 2 of them and they were not part of the lease agreement. I told the tenant that due to the children their rent would go up 100.00 and they would have to move out 4 month earlier from original 2 year lease. Any suggestions?

I would suggest sending a late notice. Not sure what the legalities are regarding early termination for children, as they would most likely be considered occupants not tenants.
SEND WRITTEN NOTICE to your tenant that they are in violation and they need to contact you immediately. Once they contact you, negotiate with them for additional rent for the extra occupants and demand that they sign a new lease with the new occupants listed and with the new rent amount. And if you cannot negotiate - give them a notice to vacate and the file in court according to your state's reguations and procedures.
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