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Security Deposit

I had an awesome tenant who was in a property for about two years.  She gave me notice that she was leaving state and would be moving just as she was supposed to.  She ended up moving a week earlier than she had told me.  She was in a bit of a hurry due to a death in the family.  I didn't do a move out walk-though with her, and she didn't leave any forwarding or contact information.  I tried calling her cell phone, which was the only phone number she had, and it's disconnected.  Her apartment was nicely cleaned and I need to get her security deposit back to her.  All I know is she moved to Georgia.  She may have just assumed she wasn't getting it back, or she wasn't concerned about it.  She did move out because a relative had died back home and she inherited some money.  Any one have any suggestions, guidance, or know how long I have to hold onto the security deposit?  Thanks
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